Texas Watermelon Association


The purpose of the Texas Watermelon Association (TWA) is to promote the production and consumption of Texas Watermelons. TWA constantly seeks to improve the growing, grading, handling, transportation, distribution, and sales of watermelons. The association works to enhance efficiency within the industry, increase profits and provide consumers with a better product. TWA is a proud member of the Texas Department of Agriculture's GO TEXAN program.



The association was originally organized in 1966 under the name Texas Watermelon Growers and Distributors Association. The name was changed in 1978 to Texas Watermelon Association to better reflect the scope of membership and was shortly chartered as a nonprofit organization in 1979. In 1986, the name was changed again to the Texas & Oklahoma Watermelon Association to better reflect the associations membership. In 2006, the name of the Texas chapter was changed back to the Texas Watermelon Association to reflect it's current membership and goals of promoting Texas grown watermelons. The TWA is a member of the National Watermelon Association. The NWA is comprised of nine different state chapters and more than 700 members in 30 States and Canada. Membership is open to the entire watermelon industry.